My boutique offers affordable premade eBook covers crafted with care. Unique. High quality. Perfect for indie authors on a budget. Designed by a bestselling author with 30 years of experience in professional design. Make the most of what you have by getting the most for what you pay!

• Two different high-resolution file formats of your finished cover (JPG and PNG)
• Your cover mockup within 3 business days
• The chance to make free minor adjustments to the mockup
• Your finished cover within 2 business days of your approval/payment
• Guaranteed exclusivity! I retire each cover design once it is sold.

• I understand how important cover design is in today’s saturated online book market
• I constantly monitor eBook cover design trends (for my benefit as well as yours)
• I purchase licensed stock images so your cover is legally safe to use
• I design my own eBook covers as an author, so I put my money where my mouth is!

The Short Answer is:

1. Choose your ideal cover from the wide selection of premade eBook covers in my boutique under the Gallery of Covers menu tab at the top of the site.
2. Send me an email at fegreene@outlook.com including all the necessary information for me to design your cover. (Before you email, please see the Place Your Order page on this website for more details.)
3. Within three business days, I will email you a low-resolution JPG of the cover mockup.
4. You’ll respond via email that the cover is good to go or let me know if there are any minor adjustments you’d like to request.
5. You’ll pay the set rate of $40 through a PayPal link. (PayPal takes most major credit cards, so you don’t need an actual PayPal account.)
6. Within two business days of receiving your email with approval/adjustments along with full payment, I will send a final email with your finalized eBook cover files included as attachments.

WHEN YOU ARE READY TO ORDER, FOLLOW THIS LINK TO THE PLACE YOUR ORDER PAGE (also located in the main menu at the top) and read the instructions there. The process is designed so you may receive your cover in the most efficient timeframe.