Gallery of Covers

Designing covers for today’s eBook market is a tricky mix of fashion and function. A cover worthy of hanging in an art gallery may not work well as an eBook cover. From my experience, I’ve learned an effective cover should have four things:

• A big, bold, readable title at thumbnail size (teeny tiny)
• The author’s name clearly displayed at thumbnail size
• One dominant eye-catching image that implies the genre/subgenre
• Visual appeal that captures readers at a glance

Does an eBook cover need to be a visual representation of everything that happens in your book? No, it doesn’t. That’s what your product description is for. The cover’s job is to entice the reader to touch the link and read your book’s summary. An effective cover should reflect a book’s genre at a glance but not every nuance of the book’s content.

As you explore the wide variety of designs, please keep in mind that all of these work best when your eBook title is similar in word count and length to what’s on the eBook. A six-word title may not fit attractively into a cover designed for two or three, but I will always do my best to make your cover choice work for you.

I recommend browsing through all the covers, not just those in your genre. Some will be effective in multiple genres. New covers will be added to the bottom of each section as I create them.

Series covers under construction