Customer FAQs

Why haven’t I received an email response from you?

It’s possible my replies are being routed to a junk or spam folder. Please add my email address to your contacts to easily correct this issue.

Why do the sample covers have weird grey lines or random words on them?

Those are watermarks created by the sites that sell stock images. They will be removed in the final version of your cover. Watermarks are common practice for graphic artists who post their work for sale.

Why are there two versions of some covers on the website?

Sometimes I can’t decide which version of a cover I like most, so I leave it up to the customer to choose. Both covers will be retired when either is purchased.

What is the difference between a JPG and a PNG?

Mostly it boils down to file size and quality. JPGs are smaller than PNGs and can’t be easily manipulated with graphic design software once saved. PNGs are larger, higher-quality images. You will receive both JPG and a PNG of your cover after you purchase your approved design. Both will be of a much higher quality than the images pictured on my website.

Some eBook vendors (like Amazon) only accept JPGs for cover uploads. Others will take either JPGs or PNGs. I’ll use a PNG when I can, but I’ve never had an issue using JPGs. Any respectable online vendor wants your book cover to look its very best because they know the persuasive power of an eye-catching cover.

For a more detailed explanation on JPGs and PNGS, follow this link:

What free adjustments are included in the $40 cover cost?

Free adjustments include changes in spelling or wording and minor relative changes in placement of text or image elements.

Free adjustments do not include changes in stock images, fonts, spot colors, significant copy repositioning, etc.

Can I order a print cover based on my eBook cover design?

It depends. Follow this link (or go through the main menu) to see more details under Pricing and Options.

What if I see a cover I like but the image doesn’t match my book’s content?

You can make up to two major adjustments to a predesigned eBook cover for the cost of $10 each (or a maximum of $20 plus the $40 base cover cost). These adjustments include changes in stock images, fonts, or spot colors. I’m happy to work with my customers regarding cover adjustments, but asking for more than two adjustments indicates it may not be the eBook cover you need. The entire amount must be paid in full in advance just like the premade covers.

Specific fonts and/or images may not be available. I will do my best to find a similar image and/or font to whatever you request.

Can I use my eBook cover design in advertising and social media posts?

Absolutely! You can use it on your professional website or blog posts. Online or print ads. Social media posts. Author swag like notepads or coffee mugs. Business cards. All of those.

Can I use just the graphic image or artwork from my cover without the additional words for advertising, website banners, etc?

That’s a NO. It is illegal to do so. Any and all stock images used on your eBook cover are the copyrighted property of a professional graphic designer and should not be replicated in any way apart from the overall cover design purchased from this website. You may use the entire cover for publicity purposes but not individual components from the cover.

This restriction applies to fonts as well. I purchase many of the fonts I use, and they cannot be shared legally with others. Like graphic images, many fonts are the copyrighted property of their professional designers. Please respect the rights of the graphic designers by avoiding stock image and/or font piracy.


• While the eBook cover design is exclusively yours and will not be resold by me, it is possible the same stock images may be purchased by another designer and appear on other covers. Most graphic designers do not sell images exclusively to one customer and/or client.
• While a professional eBook cover may boost product sales, I cannot guarantee this will happen if you purchase one of my covers. Many other factors affect eBook sales including (but not limited to) product descriptions, quality of content, advertising campaigns (print or online), author newsletters/blogs, and/or market competition/saturation.
• I do not offer refunds or accept returns, exchanges, and/or cancellations. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.