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Thank you for following this process as we finalize your eBook cover. Please read carefully before beginning. It will ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

1. Choose your ideal cover from the wide selection of eBook covers in my boutique.

2. Send me an email at FEGREENE@OUTLOOK.COM with all of the following information:

• the STOCK NUMBER listed beneath the eBook cover
• the AUTHOR NAME exactly as you want it spelled/spaced
• the SERIES TITLE and/or SUBTITLE exactly as it should appear
• any AWARDS, REVIEW BLURBS, TAGLINES, and/or BESTSELLING NOTATIONS if the selected cover design includes them

Text size and positioning may be modified based on the length of both your title and its individual words. I will remove any unused elements on the cover (subtitle, taglines, etc.) and make sure the final design still looks great.

If you would like to purchase any promotional add-ons, you can do so at this time or wait until later. You may purchase add-ons at any time once you’re purchased your eBook cover. Follow this link to see examples of various add-ons.

PLEASE NOTE: Missing or late information from a customer may result in an unavoidable delay on cover completion.

3. Within three business days of receiving your complete information, I will email you a low-resolution JPG of the eBook cover mockup. (The mockup image may also be watermarked, and I’ll remove that when the cover is finalized. Any stock image and font usage fees are included in the cover price.) I size all my eBook covers based on Amazon KDP requirements.

4. You’ll respond via email that the eBook cover is good to go or you’ll let me know if there are any minor adjustments you’d like to make. FREE ADJUSTMENTS INCLUDE changes in spelling or wording and minor relative changes in placement of text or image elements. Free adjustments do not include changes in stock images, fonts, spot colors, significant copy repositioning, etc.

5. I will email you a unique PayPal link specifically for your eBook cover order.

6. You’ll pay the set eBook cover rate of $40 through a PayPal link. “PayPal supports a large number of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute. Check cards or debit cards with either a Visa or MasterCard logo are supported and treated just like a credit card.” (read more here)

7. Within two business days of receiving your email with approval or adjustments, along with your final payment in full, I will send a final email with your finalized eBook cover files. You will receive a high-resolution JPG (required by Amazon) and a PNG (for other online eBook retailers).

NOTE: Please add my email address to your contacts so my replies don’t go to junk or spam folders

It depends on the original design. Some of the spot colors and font treatments I use on eBook covers will not reproduce effectively in print. What makes a digital eBook cover “pop” won’t always look as good on paper.

Follow this link to read more about Pricing and Options including print covers.

• Each cover image your purchase is exclusively yours to use for your eBook’s publication and promotion on websites and social media, in advertising (print or online), in newsletters and blog posts, etc.
• Every stock image used on your eBook cover is the copyrighted property of a different graphic designer and should not be replicated in any way apart from the overall cover design purchased from this website.
• While this eBook cover design is exclusively yours and will not be resold by me, it is possible the same stock images may be purchased by another designer and appear on other covers. Most graphic designers do not sell images exclusively to one customer and/or client.
• While a professional eBook cover may boost product sales, I cannot guarantee this will happen if you purchase one of my covers. Many other factors affect eBook sales including (but not limited to) product descriptions, quality of content, advertising campaigns, and market competition/saturation.
• It is your (the purchaser’s) responsibility to verify file format and size requirements (in pixels) with their vendors and/or publishers before requesting a design. This applies to digital and print designs. I design all files per industry standards (Amazon, Draft2Digital, Facebook, Instagram) unless informed in advance by the purchaser.
• I do not offer refunds or accept returns, exchanges, and/or cancellations. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.