Pricing and Options

• Two different high-resolution file formats of your finished cover (JPG and PNG)
• Your cover mockup within 3 business days
• The chance to make free minor adjustments to the mockup
• Your finished cover within 2 business days of your approval/payment

FREE ADJUSTMENTS INCLUDE changes in spelling or wording and minor relative changes in placement of text or image elements. Free adjustments do not include changes in stock images, fonts, spot colors, significant copy repositioning, etc.

Adapted from your purchased eBook cover

• Facebook Post (940 px x 788 px) – $10
• Instagram Post (1080 px by 1080 px) – $10
• Twitter Post (1600 px x 900 px) – $10
• Happy Book Birthday Post (1200 px x 800 px) – $15

Purchase the entire bundle of add-ons for only $35!

Each option comes with:
• Two different high-resolution file formats of your finished add-on (JPG and PNG)
• Your add-on mockup within 3 business days (5 if purchasing multiple add-ons)
• The chance to make free minor adjustments to mockups
• Your finished add-ons within 2 to 4 business days of your approval/payment

All add-on designs will be anchored around your purchased eBook cover and a standard template. I will need a summary or tagline for your book along with your preferred purchasing target. This can be your author website or a specific online vendor. You may also indicate if you would prefer the phrase AVAILABLE NOW or BUY/ORDER/PURCHASE YOUR COPY NOW on your Twitter Post.


Adapted from your purchased eBook cover

• Your finished cover (front/spine/back) in a PDF file format
• Your cover mockup within 7 business days
• The chance to make free minor adjustments to the mockup
• Your finished cover within 5 business days of your approval/payment

Please note: Many of the spot colors and font treatments I use on eBook covers will not reproduce effectively in print. What makes a digital eBook cover “pop” won’t always look as good on actual paper. I’ve learned this through trial and error as a published author. If your purchased eBook cover is too specialized for print publishing, I will let you know upfront that your print cover will not have the same effects and visual impact as your eBook cover.

These covers are more complex to create, so the turnaround times will be longer. I will also need all of the following details before I can begin:

• The exact number of pages in your formatted print interior
• The specific size of book you want (5″x8″, 5.25″x8″, 5.5″x8.5″, or 6″x9″)
• Whether you want white or cream paper (this will affect the book’s thickness)
• All additional content including back cover summary and additional wording, author bio, exact spine content, and any additional front cover wording
• A barcode (if you plan to purchase your own) in PNG or PDF format (not EPS)

All information must be precise and not subject to change in order for me to calculate the correct spine width for your print cover. Neither the page count nor the book size should be estimated. Print cover resizes due to a change in book page count or cover dimension changes will cost $30 per resize paid in advance via PayPal.

If you’re unsure about these options, I recommend reading this information from Amazon KDP POD (or similar information provided by your preferred printer):


Any and all stock images and/or fonts used on your eBook cover are the copyrighted property of a professional graphic designer and should not be replicated in any way apart from the overall cover design purchased from this website. You may use the entire cover for publicity purposes but not individual components from the cover. Please respect the rights of the graphic designers by avoiding stock image and/or font piracy.
• While the eBook cover design is exclusively yours and will not be resold by me, it is possible the same stock images may be purchased by another designer and appear on other covers. Most graphic designers do not sell images exclusively to one customer and/or client.
• While a professional eBook cover may boost product sales, I cannot guarantee this will happen if you purchase one of my covers. Many other factors affect eBook sales including (but not limited to) product descriptions, quality of content, advertising campaigns (print or online), author newsletters/blogs, and/or market competition/saturation.
• It is your (the purchaser’s) responsibility to verify file format and size requirements (in pixels) with their vendors and/or publishers before requesting a design. This applies to all digital and print designs. I design all files per industry standards (Amazon, Draft2Digital, Facebook, Instagram) unless informed in advance by the purchaser. Even if everything aligns, it’s a good idea for you to check ahead of time.
• I do not offer refunds or accept returns, exchanges, and/or cancellations. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.